Introducing the

Wyckoff VSA Bot BETA

The always on, fully automated strategy by GreyPool. Supports Margin and Futures markets, optimized for leverage.

Wyckoff VSA trading methods need not be automated and are powerful, profitable trading systems in their own right. The benefit of automating these strategies, is to take advantage of the repeatability and immutability of algorithmic operations, which remove the human element of distraction or emotional miscalculation from the equation. To that end, we sought to automate the process and isolate the most powerful and repeatable part of the system, as opposed to faithfully recreating the system as a whole. Hence, Climactic Action, including price and volume movements, became our focus.

2020 Performance Unlevered

  • Performance Statistics

    2020 Profit & Loss 126.22%
    Win Rate 66.93%
    Average Win 2.10%
    Average Loss 2.08%
    Daily Profit 0.43%

    Maximum Drawdown -4.94%
    Profit Factor 2.05
    Trading Fees (Per Trade) .15%

  • Performance Statistics

    2020 Profit & Loss 77.35%
    Win Rate 79.88%
    Average Win 1.16%
    Average Loss 2.68%
    Daily Profit 0.26%

    Maximum Drawdown -11.35%
    Profit Factor 1.84
    Trading Fees (Per Trade) .15%

  • Performance Statistics

    2020 Profit & Loss 131.73%
    Win Rate 61.9%
    Average Win 3.39%
    Average Loss 2.21%
    Daily Profit 0.45%

    Maximum Drawdown -9.25%
    Profit Factor 2.48
    Trading Fees (Per Trade) .15%

  • Performance Statistics

    2020 Profit & Loss 153.96%
    Win Rate 63.72%
    Average Win 4.54%
    Average Loss 4.31%
    Daily Profit 1.13%

    Maximum Drawdown -7.5%
    Profit Factor 1.86
    Trading Fees (Per Trade) .15%

  • Performance Statistics

    2020 Profit & Loss 151.28%
    Win Rate 57.75%
    Average Win 5.40%
    Average Loss 2.47%
    Daily Profit .53%

    Maximum Drawdown -11.37%
    Profit Factor 3.03
    Trading Fees (Per Trade) .15%

This is a growth strategy.
Not a get rick quick scheme.

Trade Multiple Pairs with a Basket of Crypto

  • Reduce Risk
  • Increase Returns
  • Diversify Profit Potential
  • Ride the Runners

How It Works

Wyckoff VSA Bar Analysis

Responsive, not reactive. If a sell signal is triggered, the market must actually start going down before the bot will respond and place a sell order.

Adaptive Support & Resistance

We programatically determine pivot points within a given period and utilize the data to plot recent & significant support and resistance levels.

Proprietary Climactic Action Algorithm

Climactic Action is indicated by excessive or above average volume and bar combinations. The close of a bar shows the hidden buying or selling typical of Composite Operator activity.

Accumulation Principles Traded

Automatic Rejection (AR)
Selling Climax (SC)
Preliminary Support (PS)
Sign of Strength (SOS)

Distribution Principles Traded

Automatic Rejection (AR)
Buying Climax (BC)
Preliminary Supply (PSY)
Sign of Weakness (SOW)

Additional Signals Traded: Terminal Shakeout (TSO) | Terminal Up-Thrust (TUT) | Trap Up Move | Trap Down Move

Frequently Asked

Are there affiliate programs available?

Yes. Contact us for more details. 

Are my funds SAFU?

Yes. The non-custodial nature of our products make this an impossibility.

Additionally, our platform verifies exchange API keys have the withdraw function disabled before trades are placed.

How am I protected against losses?

Our software is architected in a redudant, 

Is there a limit to the amount of symbols the bot can trade at one?

No. You may subscribe to as many pairs as you like. 

What is the cost of subscribing to the Wyckoff VSA bot strategy?

There are no cost or size limits during the Beta period, it’s FREE!

What are the monthly volume tiers?

Position size limits will not be enforced until the beta period is complete. 

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